How to manage your medication preferences

To make changes to your medications, please contact us. Our pharmacists can help you make the following changes to your medications:

  • Choosing a generic version of your prescription to lower your costs. Please be aware that if your doctor specifies that we dispense only the brand-name prescription, we will be unable to substitute a generic medication.
  • Changing the time of day that’s printed on your presorted pouches. You can choose what time is printed on your presort medication pouches, according to your daily schedule.
  • Splitting your pills in half. If your doctor prescribes half a pill, we can split your pills before presorting and packaging them into pouches.
  • Changing the flavor of your medication. If you find it difficult to manage the taste of one of your medications, our pharmacists can compound your prescription to change the flavor. The strength and effectiveness of your medication remains exactly the same.
  • Reformulating your medication to take out certain ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Patients who have an allergy or intolerance to certain ingredients, such as gluten, lactose, or dyes, found in some prescriptions can ask compounding pharmacists to reformulate their medication and take these ingredients out. The strength and effectiveness of your medication remains exactly the same.

Still have questions?

We're always happy to help. Our support team is available 8am–10pm ET weekdays and 10am–8pm ET on weekends.

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