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Reasons why MedsPack may contact you

Throughout the process of updating your prescriptions to confirm refills and preparing your Medspacks, we may need to communicate with you.

Some of the reasons we may need to reach out to you include to:

  • Send you important information regarding your MedsPack shipment (e.g. tracking information)
  • Notify you about any problems with your payment method
  • Notify you that you need to take additional action before we can refill your medications
  • Allow you to review the contents of your Medspack

The primary way that MedsPack communicates with patients is through email. However, we do also send text message notifications. In order to ensure that you receive all notifications from us, please keep your contact information up to date, and choose which communication method you prefer. If you prefer to receive communications through email, please add [x] to your contacts and to your safe senders’ list. This way, emails from MedsPack go to your Primary Inbox, and not to your Spam folder.

Learn how to update your contact information and communication preferences.

Still have questions?

We're always happy to help. Our support team is available 8am–10pm ET weekdays and 10am–8pm ET on weekends.

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