All about our packaging

Each medication pouch can fit up to [x] pills and capsules, depending on the size of your medications. If all of your medications won’t fit into one pouch, we’ll package your medications into multiple pouches, each labelled with the same day and time, as well as which medications can be found in each pouch.

MedsPacks presorted pouches are made to be easily opened by all adults. This design does not allow us to provide a childproof option for MedsPack’s pouches

You’ll find the following information on each presorted medication pouch:

  • Medication name and strength
  • Pill image
  • The day, date, and time of day your medication should be taken
    For now, MedsPack is only available in English. If you need assistance in another language, please contact us online.

Still have questions?

We're always happy to help. Our support team is available 8am–10pm ET weekdays and 10am–8pm ET on weekends.

left side meds image
left side meds image